Declaration of Interests

Brief note

a) Councillors are required to declare a personal and, if appropriate, prejudicial interest in relation to pertinent matters when they are present at meetings.

b) When Councillors disclose a personal interest for the first time, they must give written confirmation of the interest to the Proper Officer, before or immediately after the close of the meeting.

Although not a requirement of the code, it is good practice for the Proper Officer to record these declarations in the minutes of the meeting.

c) The Proper Officer should record interests disclosed at meetings for the first time in the register of interests required under section 81 of the Local Government Act 2000. The register must be available for public inspection at all reasonable hours and, following commencement of the 2013 Act, must be made available on the council’s website.

d) The register should be updated as soon as reasonably practicable after each and every meeting when new interests are disclosed.

Current declarations